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Food: its importance in relationships and dating!
Let's go eat something?
Are food and love connected? What do they have in common? How can food influence a relationship?

ood and relationships are strongly linked, food is mixed in everyday life and above all it has one thing in common with love and relationships. It arouses emotions.

These emotions can be used to cook a dish to your loved one or person courting, for example. It can therefore be a powerful tool to strengthen your story or ... too as seduction (the so-called "get caught by the throat")!

But can food influence a relationship? Perhaps it would be more correct to say that it is love that can influence ours eating habits. It is not rare in fact that, in moments of sadness, when someone leaves you it is easy to fall on food, better to say about junk food.

Love and food have a close relationship, they mix. They play an important role in couples, it's a moment of sharing, of participation in being together.

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